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Helping Nashville’s homeless pursue lasting life-change.


About Glenn Cranfield

Nashville Rescue Mission CEO Glenn Cranfield is passionate about sharing the transformative love of God with the homeless and hurting, walking alongside each person, fostering hope and equipping them to build a positive path forward.

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Real Hope with Glenn Cranfield

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It's comforting to know that no matter how deep a hole we dig for ourselves, God can always pull us back out.

God has the power to restore us, and we can show those around us who are hurting the power of God's love. So they can, too, find His power to restore.

Restorative justice is a theme in the latest episode of Real Hope. Listen to the full episode here:

The trauma that comes from being harmed in a criminal act doesn't happen in a vacuum. There are circumstances that led to it and there are ripple effects that will continue into the future, sometimes for years.