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Helping Nashville’s homeless pursue lasting life-change.


About Glenn Cranfield

Nashville Rescue Mission CEO Glenn Cranfield is passionate about sharing the transformative love of God with the homeless and hurting, walking alongside each person, fostering hope and equipping them to build a positive path forward.

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Real Hope with Glenn Cranfield

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Do you have friends or family that are coming in from out of town? I'd love to recommend The Russell!

The Russell donates a generous portion of every booking to organizations serving the homeless community. Not to mention, it is absolutely beautiful!

This mom to six beautiful children never imagined she would be staying at a shelter with her children by her side. Before things fell apart, they were peacefully living their lives in the small town of Dyersburg. Life was good—until it wasn’t.

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What does Functional Zero mean, exactly? In our conversation, Emma Beers of @BuiltforZero does an excellent job of explaining this concept and how it represents a lofty — but attainable — goal for those of us serving the #homeless community.